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    The Railway at a glance

Name: The R&F Railroad

Size: 110' x 165' (1/3 acre)

Scales: 1:20.3 to 1:32

Gauge: No 1 (45mm)

Era: 1920s through the present   

Theme: Predominately western railroads, including Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Denver & Rio Grande Western

Railroad Age: 19 years

Length of track: Total, 3,000'; double 500' mainlines

Type of track: 90% LGB flex brass, 10% USA flex brass

Maximum grade: 2%

Mainline radius: Varies between 14' and 30'

Power: Track power; two Aristo-Craft handheld controllers

Motive power: Mostly steam, some diesel, various manufacturers

Sound: Phoenix on-board units

Structures: 50% scratchbuilt, 50% kits

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